Notts Derby Walking Group Facebook Guidelines

Facebook NDWG Walking Group

NDWG Facebook is your space – a place to share your passion for walking and tell us your views. In order to keep it a friendly place, we have a few guidelines on appropriate behaviour. We reserve the right to remove posts and comments that violate these guidelines.

  • Be polite and courteous. Offensive, abusive, obscene or discriminatory comments, personal attack and incitements to violence will be deleted. Repeat offenders and spammers will be banned.
  • Please stay on topic. Don’t add comments about something unrelated to what the original post is about
  • Provide appropriate explanatory context for posted links, photos, and videos.
  • Do not solicit or market products.

Moderation Principles

  • Moderators are entitled to use their reasonable best judgement as to whether a post is appropriate and are not obliged to consult other moderators before doing so.
  • Moderators are not obliged to pro-actively explain their decisions; however we should respond to reasonable fair enquiry.
  • Moderators will use their reasonable best endeavour to be fair and consistent. It should however be recognised that no two cases are identical.
  • Moderation of Facebook posts is after the event hence posts viewed on the site may subsequently be removed.
  • No liability is accepted by the moderators for any inappropriate content that the moderators may reasonably have failed to spot (for example when there is a large amount of traffic on the page).

Other things we may consider

  • Keep it walking and / or Group related
  • Posts not directly about the group should be for the benefit of the members, not the person posting
  • Please feel free to contact the Admins before posting if you have any queries

The Digest

If you have joined the walking group, but do not receive the digest email Charlotte at to get yourself back on the mailing list.

To send your own group email, simply send the message as you want it to go out to

The Website

If you have an idea for a social event or day trip email it Jacky, the social co-ordinator at


Please include:

  • The date and time of the event
  • Meeting point, including grid reference or postcode
  • Your contact details
  • A brief description
  • A suitable photo, if you have one.
Christmas Party & New Year Holiday

Both the Christmas party and New Year holiday to Llangollen are now open for bookings. Please email to book your place.