NDWG Committee Meeting 2019-11-12

19:30 at the Brunswick Inn, 1 Railway Terrace, Derby


  • Maggie Langley (Chair)
  • Taliesin Walker (Secretary)
  • Tracy Fisher (Membership)
  • Alistair Green (IT)
  • Fiona Halliday (Walks Coordinator)
  • Adam Hodgkinson (Instagram and Twitter)
  • Joanne Morris (Weekends)
  • Rachel Johnson (Weekends)
  • Dave Richmond (Socials)
  • Rachel Williams (General member)


  • Angela Smedley (Finance)

Maggie Langley (Chair)

  • Vice-chair required. Any volunteers?
  • Communications officer required.
  • 2nd walks coordinator required
  • Bank balance increased. NDWG has too much money to receive subsidy from Ramblers.
  • First aid kits?
  • Subsidised training? Enough people showing up to paid for training?
  • Maps? No central location to store?
  • Guide books for locations for weekends away?
  • How to track physical items?
  • Where to keep physical items? Suggested weekend leaders.
  • Maggie: Money to committee m members for travel/parking?

Action: Maggie to advise weekend leaders that guide books/maps can be purchased with funds from NDWG. Rachel Johnson has queried if this is an action in response to the draft minutes, for further discussion.

First aid kits/emergency shelters:

  • Don’t carry it if you don’t know how to use it.
  • Where do we keep?

Walk statistics

  • How many people on walks
  • Tell walks coordinator?

Action: Rachel Williams to communicate with Maggie. Upload walks to Ramblers database.

Alistair Green (IT)

  • Website using TLS for encryption.
  • Website is on WordPress.
  • He is working on re-styled website supporting mobile.

Action: Rachel W: Proof read website and advise Alistair of updates.

  • Show route map?
  • Map out route points to see where we’ve been?

Action: Fiona mapping walk start points.

Taliesin Walker (Secretary)

Action: Tali to organise next meeting. The meeting is to be held on middle Tuesday of January. The Victoria, Beeston is proposed. Tuesday 14th Jan 19:30.

Joanne Morris and Rachel Johnson (Weekends)

We have booked for next year, leaders for all.

  • Xmas 2020: Ideas?
  • Easter 2021: Ideas?
  • Malta (logistics)?
  • Different locations Scotland (Skye/Arran)?
  • Chepstow?

Joanne: National trust property for May bank holiday weekend not accepting BACS without account.

Tracy Fisher (Membership)

  • Membership email has been assigned to her.
  • Received email from Ramblers membership, no new members for that week.
  • Chris gave password to Ramblers membership DB.
  • GDPR to be careful.
  • Confirmed 3 walks membership is required. Membership required for weekends.
  • Report on membership required at end of year.
  • Please email Tracy if you need to know if someone is a member.

Adam Hodgkinson (To promote NDWG on social media)

  • Gathering information for Facebook.
  • Be careful with pictures of people on Facebook. How to get permission for re-posting images?

Agreed: Obtain permission to re-post from Facebook. Landscapes in with no faces are probably OK without permission.

Action: Adam to email out flyers to be printed of and posted at workplaces, etc? Budget for printing?

Dave Richmond (Socials)

  • Idea: German/Xmas Market B’ham.
  • Theatre shows?
  • Games night?
  • Sausage and cider?
  • Ice skating / roller skating (next year?)

How well are socials attended? Patchy? Not too many to be organised?

Action: Dave/others to email Maggie to send emails to group.

Meetup has been updated by Andy in batch.

Fiona Halliday (Walks coordinator)

  • Walks organised, except Boxing Day.
  • Good to have a map of start points online.
  • More information for walk leaders with rough waypoints for each walk.
  • Try with Castleton walk in December. Action: Fiona to discuss data collection options with committee.

Angela Smedley (Finance) – Received via Email

  • In accounts we have over £6k now!
  • Deposits paid for Xmas, New Year, Killin, Howgills, Kettlewell, Earby and Devon.
  • Xmas, New Year and Killin all sold out and paid, except Sue Davey for New Year.
  • I will be paying out about £4K by end of January.
  • Any questions just ask but plenty of funds for things like web etc., if required.

Meeting closed 20:51.