NDWG Committee Meeting 2020-01-14

19:30 at the Victoria Hotel, 85 Dovecote Lane, Beeston


  • Maggie Langley, Chair
  • Taliesin Walker
  • Rachel Johnson
  • David Richmond
  • Fiona Halliday
  • Joanne Morris
  • Alistair Green
  • Tracy Fisher
  • Rachel Williams
  • Andrew Crowell


  • Angela Smedley

Chair (Maggie Langley)

  • Annual Report produced
  • Going to group leadership day in London
  • Maggie would like to know attendance numbers at walks.
    • Action: Maggie to contact walk leaders for numbers.
    • Looking for suggestions for ways to spend group money.
    • Action: Angela to enquire with Ramblers if it is acceptable for weekend leaders to have a discount on cost of weekend. (Angela responded to this via email 17/01/20).
    • Open to ideas for spending NDWG money.

Weekends (Rachel Johnson, Joanne Morris)

  • All booked for this year, Chepstow pending.
  • Awaiting confirmation before publishing on website etc.
  • Yorkshire weekend 3 places remain
  • Making sure people booking on weekends are Ramblers members
  • Christmas meal went well. Considering evening meal instead of lunch. Keep accessible by public transport.

Socials (David Richmond)

  • How to advertise? Facebook, email, Meet-Up, Website, Walks programme?
  • Pub meets on Meetup.
  • Action: Andrew to send Richard some food place suggestions for socials.

Walks (Fiona Halliday)

  • Looking for leaders.
  • Planning 3 challenge walks for next programme. May, June and August. Potential leaders identified.
    • Considering Edale Shamrock.
  • Next programme to be circulated for leaders to volunteer mid-February.
  • Full list of previous walks found.

Web/IT (Alistair Green)

  • Website up to day with programmes.
  • Layout changed for walks to make it easier to read on phone.
  • Domain registration for .co.uk coming up for renewal. Question of if we just want to keep org.uk?
  • Action: co.uk to renewed if < £20/year.
  • How to generate new PDF?
  • Slack: Possible messaging solution for organising lifts, etc.
  • Action: Alistair/Andrew to set up Nottingham lifts and committee to be created in Slack as a trial.

Secretary (Taliesin Walker)

  • Website may me a little misleading regarding Nottingham.
  • Action: Alistair to update website regarding contacting re-Nottingham meet-point. Rachel Williams to suggest wording
  • Action: Tali to reconnoitre pubs for next meeting in Ilkeston area.
  • Date: Wednesday 11th March.
  • Action: Tali to ask Angela if she has anything to report for minutes.

Membership (Tracy Fisher)

  • Reviewing information provided by Chris.
  • Using member list to check names for weekends.
  • Trying to be delicate in checking membership with people who are asking to book on weekends.
  • 3 people on Scotland trip had lapsed membership.
  • Some people are members of other ramblers groups, requiring checking with Ramblers.
  • Members don’t give membership numbers when booking weekends.
  • Committee membership form returned to Ramblers.
  • Active members: 189 active members. 10 payment pending. Approximately 203 members including non-affiliated. 10 new members since October. September 4 new members, August 19 new members.
  • Weekend coordinators to email membership to check membership status for weekends.

General Member (Rachel Williams)

  • Website proof read, links updated. Alistair updated website.
  • Walks place on Ramblers walks finder.
  • Old editors removed from Ramblers walks finder and replaced with Rachel Williams, Fiona Halliday and Alistair Green.Walk leaders not added to Ramblers walks finder so they don’t need to be updated.
  • Feedback requested on General Walks and Event Manager GWEM.

Communications (Andrew Cowell)

  • 500+ on meetup, 70ish active walkers.
  • On meetup for 1 year approximately.
  • Cost is £100ish/year.
  • Ramblers not recording members email preferences reliably?
  • Link to NDWG website is on Meetup.

Meeting closed 21:11.