NDWG Committee Meeting 2020-03-11

Rutland Cottage, Heanor Road, Ilkeston


  • Maggie Langley, Chair
  • Taliesin Walker, Secretary
  • David Richmond, Socials
  • Fiona Halliday, Walks Organiser
  • Joanne Morris, Weekends Organiser
  • Alistair Green, Web/IT
  • Tracy Fisher, Membership
  • Rachel Williams, General
  • Andrew Cowell, Communications


  • Rachel Johnson, Weekends Organiser
  • Angela Smedley, Treasurer


  • Instagram setup NottsDerbyWG
  • Enquiry from person wanting to write book about walks in Nottinghamshire. Agreed not to proceed with further as he can attend walk if he wishes.
  • Covid-19. Guidelines being written and to be circulated to committee. We may need to stop if advised by government, otherwise follow NHS advice.
  • If weekends are cancelled and NDWG is refunded we will refund members. If people don’t want to attend they won’t.


  • Next meeting 12th May, Long Eaton area. Subject to Covid-19.
  • Action: Maggie to organise next meeting.


  • Issues communicating with membership at Ramblers, not updating email addresses.
  • 3 new members
  • Checking names are still active for weekends.
  • More difficult to check membership of people affiliated with different groups.
  • Agreed: All bookings for weekends to be communicated to the leader via email (not Facebook). Reasonable to expect people coming on weekends to be forthcoming with Ramblers membership details, e.g. number. Their membership will be checked.
  • Ramblers give 3 months grace on an expiring membership. Not really acceptable for people to be coming on weekends with a payment pending status.
  • Attended walk leadership essentials: Insurance covers people are covered for first 3 walks without joining.
    • Leaders/backmarkers must be members.
    • Ramblers App allows collection of walk attendees.


  • MeetUp continues to grow. Approximately 650 following.
  • Several people are coming from MeetUp that are not Ramblers members.


  • Ndwg.uk not to be renewed.
  • Slack channel: Half of members are on.
  • Action: Maggie, Slack to be used to publish the next meeting venue, sign up!!
  • Comment posted on the website asking how to join. Comments now believed to be turned off.
  • Work pending on new website.

Rachel Williams

  • 1 person contacted us via details on Rambler website.


  • Weekends selling well. Easter full. Pembrokeshire full.


  • Process of doing program up to October.
  • Still looking for walk leading volunteers.
  • Walks cancelled due to weather and people not feeling like it.
  • Working on guidelines about weather warnings:
    • Red: Cancelled
    • Amber: Presumed cancelled unless leader communicate otherwise.
    • Yellow: To go ahead unless communicated by leader otherwise.
    • Walks may be modified to take in conditions.
    • Raining, etc, tough luck.
    • Further guidance to be published about expectations on walk leader volunteers.


  • First few socials haven not be well attended.
  • Socials attendance was a bit hit and miss last year.
  • Action: Dave to publish socials more by email.
  • Suggestion: Put in Symphony in the Park.
  • Suggestion: Winkle Head Brewery Festival.

Meeting closed at 21:02.