NDWG Committee Meeting 2020-05-12

Meeting held by Zoom.


  • Maggie Langley, Chair
  • Taliesin Walker, Secretary
  • David Richmond, Socials
  • Fiona Halliday, Walks Organiser
  • Joanne Morris, Weekends Organiser
  • Alistair Green, Web/IT
  • Tracy Fisher, Membership
  • Rachel Williams, General
  • Andrew Cowell, Communications
  • Angela Smedley, Treasurer
  • Rachel Johnson, Weekends Organiser


  • None

Meeting started 18:45 delayed by Zoom issues.


  • Ramblers head office furloughed.
  • All walks cancelled to end of June.
  • National parks still asking people to stay away.


  • Scotland moved to 2021
  • Pembrokeshire moved to August 2021
  • Ketterwell moved to July 2021
  • Hawkshead cancelled, booking.com so no payment.
  • Earby – Halloween wait and see.
  • Chepstow maybe New Year 2021
  • New Year – Brackon Tor – wait and see – exclusive use.
  • YHA maybe increasing prices.
  • Accommodation may increase in price.


  • Action: Email/meetup/facebook to be sent advising members not to go to popular locations. Remind people of the responsibility to avoid others, particularly if car breaks down or emergency services needed. Avoid popular places.
  • Action: Communication to advise committee is looking at ways to start up again.
  • Point people at local walks around Notts/Derby or to the Ramblers website?
  • What to do when we restart? How to prevent too many people coming on the first walk after lockdown?
    • Sign up required for walks? Via doodle?
    • Don’t start immediately after lockdown ends?
    • Self-organise into groups of 6?
  • All cancelled to end of June.


  • ~£4,000 funds due to weekends paid for but not purchased.
  • Very few transactions.
  • Still receiving allocations from Ramblers
  • Hold on to cash for unexpected consequences of COVID-19?
  • Likely to stay at this level of cash for some time.


  • 183 active members, plus 10 payment pending.
  • April, 0 new members.
  • March, 5 new members.
  • February, 3 new members.
  • Membership seems to be steady.
  • 14 people due to expire on 25th May.


  • All cancelled.
  • Possible Zoom meeting? Concern that people may use the meeting to arrange breaking lockdown rules.
  • Action: Dave to look into further.
  • Action: Any other ideas, email Dave.


  • New website in progress, still things to be settle before switching over.
  • Walks list being populated from the spreadsheet, but it would be good to automate it.
  • Slack:
    • Some usage
    • Action: Continue to use slack.


  • Not much to report.
  • 1 person joined and one person left meetup.
  • 2 people joined Facebook.
  • Action: Update profile to indicate responsible walking during lockdown.
  • Action: Try to remember to do weekly posts.


  • Next committee meeting Tuesday 7th July at 19:00.
  • Action: Maggie to setup paid Zoom account for committee.
  • AGM wait and see on possible venue / Zoom meeting.

Other Business

  • Maggie is working on Instagram account with Adam. Looking into use of Re-Live app to assist with walks. Possible link with Derbyshire Instagrammers (D_IGers) on occasional future hikes/events.
  • Possibly a good way of targeting younger potential members.
  • Action: Maggie to send out link when it is set up.

Meeting closed 20:30.