NDWG Committee Meeting 2020-11-03

Meeting held by Zoom at 19:30.


  • Maggie Langley, Chair
  • Taliesin Walker, Secretary
  • David Richmond, Socials
  • Fiona Halliday, Walks Organiser
  • Joanne Morris, Weekends Organiser
  • Alistair Green, Web/IT
  • Tracy Fisher, Membership
  • Angela Smedley, Treasurer
  • Rachel Johnson, Weekends Organiser
  • Paul Adams, 2nd Walks Coordinator


  • None


  • Last minutes accepted.
  • In touch with Zoe about becoming a general member, but still in the pipeline.
  • Attended the area committee meeting, met a number of area members.
    • Discussion about agriculture bill in regards to criminalisation of trespass.
    • Discussion about planning changes that may affect rights of way.
    • Action: Chase area council about text for communication with your MP on above.
  • AGM:
    • Tuesday 2nd Feb, and will be online.
    • How to promote?
    • Action (Tali): Communicate date/time and online nature. Encourage members to think about standing. Send to Andrew.
    • Details to follow in early January.
    • How can we do a raffle, etc?
    • How to make sure people register for AGM?
    • We could use EventBrite
    • Perhaps not worth worrying about.
    • Put the meeting details on Facebook and email. On website put a notice to contact committee for details.
    • Action (Tali): to send out details of meeting in early January.
  • Paul Adams elected vice-chair.
  • Member survey:
    • Ask the membership for feedback on things like walk schedules, weekends, socials.
    • Link on slack to google forms survey.
      • What would encourage people to lead walks or join the committee?
    • Form to be anonymous.
    • Action (all): Review the link posted to slack and come back with any suggestions on the questions.
  • Walks leaders:
    • People reluctant to lead during Covid lockdowns.
    • A lot of new people showing up on walks.


  • Still got loads of money.
  • Had to explain why we have money in due to pending expenditure.


  • Assuming that lockdown finishes on 2/12 would like to get a couple of walks on before Xmas.
  • If not possible, then hopefully New Year.
  • Possibly allowing people to volunteer last minute to lead walks, poses logistical challenges for EventBrite.


  • Cumbria booked in May in place of New Year with YHA credit note.
  • Exmoor suggested as potential location.
  • Very uncertain due to Covid-19.


  • Ramblers have stopped sending out monthly emails as they say the Hub working, but it isn’t working for Tracy.
  • 181 active member, 11 payment pending.
  • Tracy will persist in trying to access the hub after receiving the a PowerPoint on accessing details. Hub says no members found.
  • Paul is having issues with Assembly system as well.
  • Assembly system, who is responsibility.
  • Action (Andy): Add current committee members as admins to NDWG Facebook group and remove old committee members.


  • Not much going on.
  • Stargazing as a potential social, weather dependent.
  • Another Zoom meeting on November.
  • A focus required as people can’t sub divide into groups.


  • Admin panel access re-acquired.
  • Attempted to put the new website live and found it prevented emails being forwarded. New website is up, waiting to see if emails are working.


  • Andy not here, probably working.


  • Next committee meeting Tuesday 5th January 2021.
  • Actions (Tali): Add Dave, Paul and Alistair to Zoom.

Other Business

  • Adam is managing the Instagram account, but not an official committee member.
    • At some point, put a link to Instagram on the website.