NDWG Committee Meeting 2021-03-09

Meeting held by Zoom at 19:30.


  • Tracy Fisher - Communications/ Membership
  • Alistair Green - Web/ IT
  • Rachel Johnson - Weekends Organiser
  • Joanne Morris – Weekends Organiser
  • Gary Olds – Walks Organiser
  • Helen Percy – General Member
  • David Richmond – Socials
  • Angela Smedley - Treasurer

Acting Chair: David Richmond.

Acting Secretary: Helen Percy.


  • Kate Long - Assistant Walks Organiser
  • Rebecca Potter - Secretary

Vacant committee positions

Phil Bridden has stepped down as Chair.

We are unsure of Kate Long’s email address so have been unable to add her to committee group email or Slack.

  • AP Joanne to ask Dave Hufton if he is willing to become chair.
  • AP Gary to contact Kate through Facebook and ask for them.
  • AP Alistair to add people to Committee email group and Slack.

Maggie has arranged for a new logo. This has been shared on Instagram. Committee agreed to start using the new logo.

  • AP David R forward version of logo to Alistair.
  • AP Alistair start using new logo on website when it’s available in suitable format.


Little to report. Has processed a few refunds due to cancellation of weekends away. About £4500 in bank account.


Group walks may be able to start from 12th April, according to current information from the government. Gary has some details of proposed programme from Fiona (created before Covid restrictions). Tracy also has a document from Fiona. Suspect Ramblers Association will encourage staggered start. We expect to continue to use Eventbrite for booking walks.

  • AP Tracy to forward document to Gary
  • AP Gary talk to Kate re ways to work together, her experience of Eventbrite etc
  • AP Gary talk to Paul Adams if he needs help using Eventbrite


Everything was cancelled until the end of May.

The Easter trip to Scotland has been moved to Easter 2022.

Weekend to Yorkshire in July will also be moved, suggested to February 2022.

We hope the August bank holiday weekend in Pembrokeshire to go ahead. Everyone who originally booked has been contacted to ask whether they still want to go (replies required by the end of March 2021). Expect there to be about 6 places available. These will be offered on first come, first served basis on Facebook.

We expect the Earby, Lancashire, weekend to go ahead at the end of October.

Suggestions were welcomed for New Year, possibly booking a small youth hostel.

Suggestions were welcomed for a Christmas event. Group to be asked about what sort of event is wanted via poll advertised on Facebook.

  • AP Rachel & Joanne create poll and share on Facebook group
  • AP David R organise a social for July (date to be agreed with Kate who’s leading weekend) to enable booking for Earby weekend.

Membership/ Communication

Been busy. 1hr online training for Assemble (volunteer hub of Ramblers Association) and 2hr online training for membership hub.

Has been sorting out passwords/ accounts for Instagram accounts. Got details for one of them. Still waiting for details from Adam for the second account. Been working with Andrew to get set up as organiser for Meetup. There were issues with more money being requested. Decision to set Tracy up as co-organiser and change to organiser later to avoid unnecessary costs.

Membership 174 with 6 payments pending.

Facebook tidying up administrators. Currently Tracy, Angela, Ben Draper, Fiona Halliday. There are technical issues to remove Ben. Have removed Fiona. An extra administrator would be helpful. Helen agreed.

  • AP Tracy contact Ben and ask if he is able to remove himself.
  • AP Tracy to set Helen up as administrator.

IT/ website

Not much to report.

Discussions about pictures on website and if we had permission for those which showed faces. Not sure if we do. Pictures to be changed.

Been updating lists for email group and slack following AGM and changes in committee. Some changes still required.

  • AP Alistair change pictures on website.
  • AP Alistair update lists for emails and slack as situations resolve. (As a temporary measure, change secretary email address to David R.)


We think government restrictions will allow these after 21st June but possibly places will be limited, in which case Eventbrite will be used.

Suggest stick to outdoor events for a while but try and get things started as soon as practical.

Darley Park suggested for event which will also act as sign-up session for weekend away (see previous section of minutes). Either The Papermill or The Broadway Pubs are on the edge of the park and have car parking. A Thursday evening was suggested.

  • AP David R organise a social, making it a convenient time for Katie who is organising the weekend away.


Dave Hufton has replied to Joanne’s message and is willing to be chair. He joined the meeting part way through.

Date of Next Meetings

Short catch up prior to restarting walks 6th April 8pm (by Zoom).

Committee meeting Wednesday 12th May 7.30pm (by zoom).

  • AP David R create zoom links for these meetings and distribute them.

The meeting finished at 21.15.