NDWG Committee Meeting 2022-01-26

Present: Dave H, Rosanna R, Stuart B, Fiona W, Claire T, Su G, Alice M, Gary O, Alistair G

Apologies: Lisa K


First committee meeting and welcome.

Previous minutes

Improvements discussed to grading and distance of walks.

More information on walks to be posted on Eventbrite and Facebook.

Walks programme

Developing nicely with more people signing up for walks. More walks needed in the Peak District, about two or three per month.

New meet up requests with new people required for the organiser role.

Changes needed to the format of walks and what we can offer members to keep them with the group.

Extend the current limit to 20 depending on walk leader preference.

New walk programme is due in April.

We need to focus on getting leaders for walks rather than preparing lots of walks and then having to find leaders. Focus on the walk leaders course and risk assessments being done by walk leaders.

AP: Gary O to update information on walk listings and provide more detail on grading of walks for potential new members.


More information on the website about holidays and socials. Pub meets going ahead next month and holiday bookings in place for some weekend events.


Moving forwards to hopefully remove Eventbrite and have an open door policy and encourage car sharing.

Look to introduce meet points for car sharing and extend these to more places and people.

Some suggestions to change walks and introduce walks with a social, meal or other outing.

AP: Claire T to create a follow up message for walk participants and encourage repeat walkers.


Not much to report, but looking healthy with some extra money from Ramblers.


Currently 180 members but only 89 active on Eventbrite.


Updates are being made on the Ramblers website and also Eventbrite with walk listings.

AP: Alistair G continue to post walk sign up links on the website and assist with content for the new Ramblers website.


Improvements to encourage new members and retain existing members by follow up actions through email and Facebook. Need to consider GDPR.

Communicate the benefits of walking, look at other organisations such as MIND, improve advertising on Facebook, share testimonials on the website and Facebook.

Newsletter follow up and Mail Chimp autoresponder for improved communication with members.

Looking at ways to make the group more inclusive by reaching people beyond Facebook and considering more accessible walking locations.

Improved communication between the committee is important, currently via Slack, but other alternatives could be better including WhatsApp.

AP: Rosanna R forge links with other organisations to promote the benefits of walking particularly mental health charities to encourage more members and reach a wider audience with younger people.


Area Council meeting attended on 18/01/22 reviewing footpath stiles, current agricultural policies, group entries on the Ramblers website needed, AGM preparations, membership recruitment updates, interaction between groups and improved communication channels.

Area AGM

To be held on Sunday 6th February at Trowell Parish Hall.


Not much to report.

Next meeting

23rd March 7:30 pm