NDWG Committee Meeting 2023-06-11


  • Rosanna Rapacchietta (chair/secretary)
  • Alistair Green (webmaster)
  • Fiona Woodward (membership secretary)
  • Gary Olds (walks organiser)
  • Jay Power (meetup organiser)


  • Stuart Broadhurst (treasurer)
  • Helen Percy (weekends organiser)
  • Rachael Drewery (weekends organiser)

Introduction and recap

Second in person committee meeting. Communication between committee members is still being maintained through Slack. This social platform does require setting notification alerts due to not always receiving notifications of messages consistently. Future uptake of using other communication channels will need more in-depth discussion. Roles still vacant within the committee include socials, communication, and member engagement officer.

Previous minutes

Future committee meeting venue and dates are planned more in advance and provide an opportunity for shorter morning or afternoon walks. Evening walks seem to be receiving good turnout. As a reminder, pre-walk information will include information on start times, equipment to bring, parking details and any café/pub stops. Further details can be found on the website or Meetup and walk leaders may also post via Facebook before the walk. Before joining a walk, it is recommended to read the information carefully. Discussions around teenage children joining walks are still on-going requiring some further research.

AP – Gary to continue updating the walk programme combining some walks with visits to interesting places such as the Arboretum.

AP – Rosanna to look at Ramblers policy on teenage children joining walks.

Walks programme

Walk leaders are still needed to help run the walk programme and provide a variety of different walks. Please speak to a member of the committee for further details, including how we can help you become a leader and gain the confidence and skills needed. Some suggestions currently being considered include offering a buddy system to recce a walk before leading or preparing shorter walks as training style walks. Short evening walks are also a good opportunity for new walk leaders. Currently the walk programme is planned up to the 13th of August. We have been looking at navigation courses for prospective walk leaders and will be posting opportunities on Facebook. There have been one or two emails from potential walk leaders interested in leading walks and members are encouraged to contact the committee for further information, help or support. It is a requirement of Ramblers to be registered on Assemble to lead walks. Parking continues to be an issue in popular walking areas and the committee is looking to vary these as much as possible to include less popular walking places. It is however recommended to have an alternative plan in case there are not enough places to park. Parking details will be posted with the pre-walk information, but there is no guarantee on parking places when joining a walk. Please leave enough time to travel, park and find alternative parking, before the walk start time.

Changes are being made to group photos with ideas to place more recent pictures on the website, Facebook, and Meetup.

AP – Jay to look at adding any additional information needed on Meetup to align with the website and help create a more interesting narrative about our walks. Some recent comments include being unable to find the website or Facebook page.


Currently reviewing opportunities available, details of which will become available shortly.

AP – Rachael/Helen to post upcoming weekend away details.


This role remains vacant and any members who would like to know more or become involved can contact the committee for further details. We are looking to combine some walks with social events such as visiting attractions and ideas for Christmas socials may include walking in themed places with Christmas markets on offer.


No changes since the last meeting.

AP – Stuart to sort the countersigning process and look at the group phone sim option.


Currently there are 162 members.

AP – Fiona to look at improving communication and welcome email to new members.


Updates to the national Ramblers website include the group page information changing and walks manager able to show current walks which should help to encourage more people into the group.

AP – Alistair to facilitate walks manager.


This role remains vacant.


Nothing to report.

Area meetings



Please note some walks are unsuitable for dogs and information will be posted on our socials for walks.

Next meeting date and venue