NDWG Committee Meeting 2023-08-20


  • Rosanna Rapacchietta (chair/secretary)
  • Alistair Green (webmaster)
  • Stuart Broadhurst (treasurer)
  • Gary Olds (walks organiser)
  • Rachael Drewery (weekends organiser)


  • Fiona Woodward (membership secretary)
  • Helen Percy (weekends organiser)
  • Jay Power (meet up organiser)


Discussions on previous topics and progress made, including navigating Assemble, weekend bookings for the trip to Snowdonia National Park in October, countersigning updates and Rambler’s policy on teenage children joining walks. Due to communication issues on Slack, please can all committee members who are unable to attend a committee meeting inform other members in advance by notifying on slack, and tagging names in the post to ensure these updates are seen and emailing separately as well if needed. Slack is going to be replaced with Telegram as a more efficient communication platform between committee members.

Previous minutes

The walks programme is continuously improving. There are still some female places available on the Snowdonia weekend away in October. Please make contact on Facebook to reserve a space for any members interested. Looking ahead to Autumn and Winter, the pre-walk information will reflect any changes to plan for the shorter daylight.

Walks programme

Currently, the programme is completed up to the 5th of November. In line with the approaching Autumn and Winter season, walk times will be planned to accommodate the dark nights and may include some park walks in more well-lit locations, depending on accessibility. Walk start times will be varied with a 10:00am start time on some walks. This is going to be trialled first and then altered in line with any feedback received. Walks will still go ahead at the stated start time, and it is recommended to arrive in plenty of time before the start time to find suitable parking and prepare for the walk. Leaving the walk later than the indicated start time remains at the walk leader’s discretion and is therefore not guaranteed.

The Christmas season is still in the making and meanwhile walks may include events such as visiting illuminations and fireworks with Saturday 14th October as a potential starting date. Christmas Saturday walks in the Bakewell area linking up with Christmas markets are also another option. The more festive walks could take place around the 10th of December and may include two different walks in separate locations with an overnight, book your own stay. Pub meets are also something to consider along with pre-Christmas walks. There are plans to include a walk on Boxing Day and New Years Eve with details to follow.

For upcoming committee meetings, some of these do not have walks planned due to the shorter days but Gary is looking to arrange suitable walks that could take place around the meeting times, including local attractions.

AP - Gary to continue updating the walks programme and planning for upcoming Autumn and Winter season.


The next group weekend in Snowdonia is going ahead and there are still a few places free. More details can be found on the website and Facebook page. Looking ahead, other holidays in the New Year around May time could include the Lake District and this will probably include a book your own stay. Please contact a member of the committee for anyone interested in leading these weekend walks.

AP - Helen & Rachael to continue organising and promoting weekends away.


This role remains vacant, but we are looking to fulfil the social aspects of the group by arranging some more pub meets every month hopefully and also weekends away. Gary has planned a Derby social pub meet for Tuesday 5th of September. Pub stops and cafés are offered at the end of some walks but not proving to be very popular and moving forward these will be varied within the walk itself with stops during the walk for a chance to socialise. Any members aware of socials taking place which could be a good opportunity for the group please inform the Committee and then information can be posted on our social pages.


Currently remains stable. The countersigning process is now underway and should be completed soon.

AP - Stuart to look at Telegram as another platform for Committee member discussions as a replacement for Slack.


Membership has increased to 155 with no new leavers. Emails welcoming new members are being sent along with reminders to those with expired subscriptions. Leaflets from Ramblers are going to be handed out on walks to help encourage new members. Occasionally emails are received from prospective new members about joining but it is unclear how many attend the walks.


There have been delays updating the groups information page on Ramblers due to editing access.
Walks Manager is ongoing with walk leader information updated for those walk leaders registered on Assemble as a walk leader. Assemble needs to be reviewed to check walk leaders registered and update team members within the group.

AP - Alistair to continue working through Walks Manager. Depending on the time taken to upload walks, it may be necessary to look for another volunteer to help with a suitable role advertised via Assemble.


This role remains vacant.


Notifications on Slack for risk assessment templates and training modules for committee members will be added.

AP - Rosanna to upload relevant documents on Slack and navigate Assemble for key information.

Area meetings



AGM meeting date and venue to be confirmed but likely to occur in November which could include a
social opportunity.

In line with Rambler’s policy on teenage children joining walks, this remains at the walk leader’s discretion where necessary and parents/guardians taking full responsibility for their attendance. For any questions, please contact the committee or walk leader in advance of the walk.

Next meeting date and venue