NDWG Committee Meeting 2024-02-25


  • Rosanna Rapacchietta (Chair/secretary)
  • Stuart Broadhurst (Treasurer and weekend organiser)
  • Alistair Green (Webmaster)
  • Jay Power (Meetup and weekend organiser)


  • Gary Olds (Walks Organiser)


Reflecting on AGM and area meeting discussions, including reviewing volunteer updates from Ramblers in relation to the volunteer policy and guidance on contacting members.

Previous Minutes

The AGM concluded with a yearly overview of the groups progress and areas for improvement. This includes ensuring handover periods are available for new committee members and looking at ways to fulfil committee roles by emailing members to inform them about the roles that need extra support.

Walks programme

Reminders to complete risk assessments for walks and ideas for new walks welcome, including evening walks from May to August. Committee meetings will be varied this year with some including walks before the meeting for members and newcomers to meet the committee and ask questions about the group. PDF guides are available in Assemble for walk leaders needing any further help or support in their role. The importance of risk assessments will be explained to new walk leaders and reminders sent to current walk leaders. Discussions on presenting the risk assessment before the walk is something the committee will consider in more detail. For aspiring walk leaders, please contact the committee to volunteer as a walk leader and arrangements can be made to assist with the walk recce if this is of interest.

AP – Gary to continue with the walks programme and planning for upcoming season.


Plans are currently in place for a weekend in the Lake District around early September. This announcement has been posted on Facebook and the comments helpful to gain an idea of the level of interest when planning accommodation and availability of walk leaders. The bank holiday weekend in Grinton Yorkshire in May is also planned with a book your own accommodation.
The holidays page on the NDWG website is also needing to be updated with more detailed information on weekends away including booking arrangements. Currently the committee is planning up to three weekends away per year.

AP – Jay and Stuart to continue with weekend arrangements and planning.


This role is vacant.


There are no changes reported.


There has been a lot of interest shown in the group through emails received enquiring about the walks on offer and membership.

AP – Rosanna to review information sent to new members on joining the group and contact current members about volunteer roles.


There are no further updates.

AP – Alistair to continue keeping the NDWG website up to date, including walk leaders and holidays page.


This role is vacant.


There will be information on Slack for committee members for any upcoming area meetings.


The value of Meetup in attracting new walkers and members to the group was discussed. The Meetup page has over a thousand members, and it may be beneficial to list popular walks on this platform for ideas on the level of interest generated from these walks.

Telegram is being considered as an alternative to Slack, including improving communication channels for both members and the committee.

Next meeting date and venue

Online meeting, date TBC